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The Kids League was honoured by the visit of His Royal Highness Prince Charles during the 2007 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Kampala .

When HRH visited our offices the staff and the 20 boys and girls selected from all our Kampala and rural district programmes.  He was able to lift one of the then 5 Gothia (now 6) Cup trophies which the KKL Euroteam had won since 2001!

Prince Charles also  took penalties against one of the boys, much to the delight of the waiting press!   During his first visit to Uganda, HRH unveiled a plaque at The Kids League offices to commemorate the visit.

Kids League has been recognised both for its achievements in the field of Sport In Development by international sports bodies including winning ICC's ‘Best Junior Cricket Initiative in Africa’ in 2006, by social enterprises  ‘Beyond Sport’ in 2009 by being shortlisted in the inaugural awards for its Karamoja Project and by being one of the organisations to go forward to the 2010 FIFA initiative  ’Football for Hope Festival’ youth football festival to be held parallel to the World Cup in South Africa!   





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