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The Kids League Football for Hope team reached the last 8 in the FIFA South African youth festival held during the World Cup.  This unique tournament comprising 4 boys and 4 girls competed in matches with no referees in a conscious attempt to encourage the young people to hone their negotiating skills! Our team included players from our A League (for children with disabilities), a former inhabitant of an IDP camp in Kitgum, an elite squad player from Arua, two girls from our girls soccer programme and a player form the international community as well as two just regular soccer enthusiasts. Well done kids!  Great Job!


KKL children to meet stars, qualify for second stage!

The Kampala Kids League team taking part in the Football for Hope Festival in Alexandra Township in Johannesburg will have a chance of meeting some of the biggest names in Africa and world football this afternoon. Spectators at the specially-constructed stadium in Alexandra will also be treated to a friendly celebrity match between the Football for Hope All Stars like Anthony Baffoe (Ghana), Christian Karembeu (France), Jose Torre Alba (Venezuela), Maimane Alfred Phiri (South Africa) and a team from Show Me Your Number - a campaign which uses football stars as role models in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The other 31 teams of young people from disadvantaged communities around the world will also have a chance of meeting the stars. The Fifa-backed event is organised by streetfootballworld, an NGO that connects a global network of organisations that use football as a tool for social development. On the pitch, the Kampala Kids League (KKL Uganda) recorded impressive results, winning four matches, two draws and one defeat to Mathare of Kenya over the last three days. The team sponsored by Stanbic bank qualified into Group F of second round, which starts this morning.

The kids are coached by Eddie Butindo and managed by Trevor Dudley. The festival, which started on Sunday, involves 32 teams of girls and boys from disadvantaged communities around the world.


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