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The Kids League “Spot The Ball” Competition, in partnership with The New Vision. The 4th June is a notable date in history, on this day in 1783 the Montgolfier brothers first showcased their invention; the hot air balloon. They believed in pushing boundaries and Kampala Kids League does too. The 4th June is the beginning of the next football season and with hundreds of able-bodied children from many schools around Kampala waiting expectantly for the games to begin, KKL continues to improve children’s lives through sport. Nowhere is this more evident than in the fantastic work that KKL does with the A-League (Adapted Sports League) for children with disabilities.

The New Vision has always been a welcomed supporter of youth sports in Uganda and Kampala Kids League in particular. We congratulate them on the completion of a successful “Spot The Ball” competition, with over 350 indestructible footballs given out to lucky winners. Together we have made a difference to the children of Uganda.

Shakur Otyang, who won a ball and free registration for the new KKL season says: “I feel so happy and proud to receive my new ball from The Kids League”.

Barahuka Kevin, who also won a ball says: “I feel happy that I won a ball because I will play with my sister and brother I am so happy to be featured in the TKL newsletter”.


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